A Program of AccessMatters

Why Families Matter

"Families encourage, support and help youth make positive decisions about their future."

Parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even brothers and sisters make a difference in the lives of teens in the family.

I MATTER supports families spending time with their teens.


Openly. By answering questions honestly. By having open discussions about sex, sexuality, and their futures.

In your teen’s present and future. In your teen’s strengths. In your knowledge to encourage and support your teen.

About reproductive and sexual health. About birth control options. About teen reproductive health rights.

Your values. Your experiences. Accurate information.

Get Involved

The CPG provides direct links to West & Southwest Philadelphia by engaging, educating, and garnering support from all sectors and all populations. CPG members are the eyes and the ears within the community and provide outreach material to those in their community. To Join our Core Partner Group, contact I MATTER today.

We need YOU to work with us on I MATTER so you can share with others why WE ALL MATTER when it comes to preventing teen pregnancy in our communities.