A Program of AccessMatters

Why Teens Matter

“Teens are the future. Teens are the ones making decisions about their overall health.”

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or already out of school, you can make a difference! I MATTER encourages you to think about how you can keep your body healthy, understand the impact of teen pregnancy, plan for your future, and ways you can prevent teen pregnancy.

Taking the Right Steps

The latest health information. The facts about teen pregnancy. Characteristics of healthy relationships.

To your boo. To your friends. To an adult you trust. To your parents/caregiver.

Positively about yourself. About having and being in healthy relationships. About your dreams and aspirations.

About condoms and other birth control methods. How to talk with your boo. How to talk with your parents/caregivers.

Plan for your Future!

Learn more about how to plan for college.

Remember, it’s NEVER too soon to be ahead of the game, and it’s definitely OK to dream big.


Keep it Simple - Find A Clinic!

Check out this cool video!

Questions? Need to Know where to call for care? Call AccessMatters Hotline: 215-985-3300


PA HIV/AIDS Factline: 800-662-6080
Maternal/Child Health: 215-985-3301

For additional information about teen pregnancy, check out the Center for Disease Control.

Get Involved

Teens play a critical role in our program’s efforts to reduce teen birth rates. Currently, I MATTER’s Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is actively engaged in many communities as advocates for healthy sexual choices. YLT members have created media, participated in leadership development, and gained the skills and education needed to make healthy decisions now and for their futures. I MATTER’s Youth Leadership Team represents the teens of West & Southwest Philadelphia. We seek teens that demonstrate leadership and confidently make healthy decisions.

If you live in West or Southwest Philadelphia and are interested in becoming an agent for change in your community, contact us about joining our Youth Leadership Team.