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Why Youth-Serving Professionals Matter

“They are trusted adults that can empower youth and provide recognition for positive behavior. They inspire and influence teens to continue far beyond their dreams.”

You may be a teacher, block captain, coach, or youth leader in your place of worship; as someone that provides a safe space for teens to work, live, learn or play you make a difference in teens feeling appreciated, respected and listened to.  I MATTER embraces your ability to help teens realize their potential for the future.


Openly to teens’ stories and experiences without judgment. To the questions they ask.

Yourself on current trends in sexual and reproductive health. Yourself about contraceptives and birth control. Yourself on youth culture and current technology.

Youth to believe in themselves. Youth about achieving goals. Youth on safer sex practices.

Healthy personal relationships. Use of contraceptives and birth control. Open communication with parents, caregivers, and peers.

Get Involved

An Askable Adult is able to have honest and respectful communication with youth about sexuality. They should support youth in making healthy decisions regarding their sexuality. They give non-judgmental information and advice, and provide referrals to community resources. To become an Askable Adult, please contact I Matter today.

The CAT provides direct links to West & Southwest Philadelphia by engaging, educating, and garnering support among all sectors and all populations. CAT members are the eyes and the ears within the community and provide outreach material to those in their community. To Join our Community Action Team, please contact I Matter today.

We need YOU to work with us on I Matter so you can share with others why WE ALL MATTER when it comes to preventing teen pregnancy in our communities.